Welcome to SNOW 2017, the Fourth Workshop on Social News On the Web. The workshop is held in Perth, Australia in conjunction with the 26th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2017) on April 2017. Information about the location of the workshop will be published on the WWW website.

Online news has generated an epochal change in the way we consume news and it has disrupted the journalism industry by changing the news life-cycle that leads professional journalists to build news and casual news readers to consume them. In fact, journalists and readers have now access to a huge amount of information on the Web, the largest public data repository in the world. Being huge implies being not easily accessible. New tools need to be developed in order to allow journalists to verify hypotheses, link events and support claims. and to provide to readers filtered, high-quality content relevant to their interest. These tools will allow modern journalists to work at unprecedented scale and speed, thus giving rise to a new form of data-driven journalism.

The workshop provides an interdisciplinary forum to bring together researchers and professionals working in several fields including journalism, computer science, and social science to present novel ideas and discussing future directions in this scenario.